A Final Word (FINAL)

Steven Landon slandon110 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 02:33:48 CDT 2015

On 7/30/15 6:55 PM, Jay West wrote:
> You wrote....
>> I really dont see the reasoning behind my classiccmp ban,  You just banned me for no  reason..
> You are incorrect. Just because you don't understand the reason doesn't mean I banned you for no reason. I will not be dragged into a senseless passive-aggressive exchange about it.
>> Because of you I cant even come out to VCFMW with my 10 year old son..
> You are also incorrect on this point. I did not mention VCFMW at all. I banned you from classiccmp, not VCFMW.
>> You know how much thats going to hurt him that he doesn't get to show off his project that he worked so hard to program on his Apple II.  Thats going to destroy him.. So I hope you are happy.
>> Thanks for the fun times.. Hope this makes you sleep well at night knowing you destroyed a 10 year olds excitement.
> Statements like the above are a good portion of the reason why you were banned. I did not destroy a 10 year-olds excitement. You did that all on your own, through your own actions.
> J

Seriously go fuck yourself..  That is all.   You are a Jackass.

If i showed up to VCF Id promptly knock you on your ass,  you and 
mos6581 both.   Hence why Im not coming,  you bitch boys arent worth 
sitting in a chicago jail over..   So go enjoy your {admin deleted} circle 
jerk  and FUCK YOU

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