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Fred Cisin cisin at
Fri Jul 31 16:29:01 CDT 2015

On Fri, 31 Jul 2015, Jay West wrote:
> Stopped in the local electronics haunt, and the owner directed me to a "Fine
> to Very Good" IBM 5150. I did not look at it closely, but externally appears
> to be very good shape with minor scratches on the under-side. It has two FH
> 5.25's, and a cassette port on back. He did say that "memory had been
> expanded". No monitor, keyboard, or mouse. He's asking $75.00.
> If someone has a serious interest, I'd be happy to go look at details on it.
> The owner is a friend and he'd certainly let me open it up if need be. I'd
> also be willing to pack/ship for the excruciating cost of. "A promise of a
> future beer" :)

I am NOT interested in another, but, 
If you are there again soon, start with a quick look at the connectors in 
It should have an FDC board, with a DC37F
It should have a video board, either:
     CGA: DE9F, RCA F 
or  MDP: DE9F, DB25F (printer port)
Any other external connectors are added board, maybe IBM, maybe 

That's almost all that you can tell without opening, unless it has certain 
other deviations from usual, such as a DB25 block-off and/or a round 
block-off on the back panel, or a white power switch, etc.

If/when you open it, the first step would be a detailed inventory of any 
OTHER expansion boards, followed by a glance at the on-board memory - 
early machines had four rows of 16K RAM; later used 64K RAM.  Original 
drives were Tandon TM100-1, followed soon thereafter (DOS 2.00) with 
TM100-2.  Original power supply of 5150 was 63.5? watts.  Some of the 
early power supplies were black.

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