accidental post allowance

Jay West jwest at
Fri Jul 31 18:18:23 CDT 2015

drlegendre  wrote:
How did his last missive make it through to the list in the first place?
Didn't Jay just recently say he was perma-banned?

Within moments after I posted that he was banned, I went to the mailman interface, and his account was not in the membership list. I assumed he had unsubscribed himself shortly after his first post.

When I saw his next (and last post), I dug further. His email was on a "whitelist" along with all members of cctech. This was a vestige of how the old "two lists joined at the hip" was configured. So I had to manually remove him from the whitelist, even though he wasn't subscribed. My Apologies for the oversight, but I believe it is fixed now.

Be advised that there is always a chance he's still subscribed under some other unknown/non-descript email address. I'll weed them out as they are discovered.


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