Reforming capacitors (technical description, not politics)

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@Eric & others

Good news, everyone. ;-)

I found the hardbound volume in question, and it does have a very
interesting and detailed discussion of aluminum electrolytics, and the
Mallory FP series in particular. But my memory is a little hazy, and I'm
not sure this is the +exact+ article I had in mind when I raised the
subject. It may be, but I remain somewhat unsure.

But happily, I did a little searching and it turns out that the entire doc
is available online via Cornell U and Google books. How cool!

Here's the link:

Take a look at Section 9 for the primary capacitor articles. Meanwhile,
I'll keep my eye out for any other docs, I have a hunch there's another one
in the "library"..

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> > When I reformed the 1967? capacitors in MARCH's straight 8 I took some
> data
> > showing the improvement in leakage and also measured capacitance and ESR.
> I
> > couldn't find original spec for the capacitor but the values seemed
> reasonable
> > compared to datasheet for more recent capacitors.
> >
> > Graphs here.
> >
> David,
> From the slides you posted it looks like you have some kind of automated
> set
> up. Can you explain what you have there? The limited reforming I have done
> has been done manually. I also notice that you reform over quite a few
> hours, but those are big caps. Not sure I have seen any suggestions over
> how
> long to reform for, and whether it is a function of the capacitor's nominal
> capacitance.
> Thanks
> Rob

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