Datasaab D12

Pontus Pihlgren pontus at Update.UU.SE
Mon Jun 1 03:18:47 CDT 2015


Yesterday I picked up a Datasaab D12. Which I didn't know 
existed until then. Pictures here:

It's a small desktop computer intended for small business 
accounting and invoicing. It's built arround an intel 4004 and 
has room for expansion cards for memory and "customer roms".

The service guide mentions a "two level" environment with a 
"basic" level and a "customer program" level. I'm hoping it 
means there is a Basic interpreter but I'm not convinced. The 
manual also mentions a "D12 assembler" as the develoment 
environment. It's apparently a subsystem that comes in a nice 
attache case:

It's actually made by Facit and may go under that name.

Does anyone know more or have manuals?

Regards, Pontus.

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