DEC Runoff to any modern format conversion or DEC MSCP protocol specs

Tom Gardner t.gardner at
Thu Jun 4 12:47:00 CDT 2015



I have multiple DEC Runoff (.rno extension) files for the manual on DEC's
MSCP protocol.  I'd like to convert them to a modern format.  The manual is
dated circa 1992 incorporating ecos thru MSCP23-4 and is revision 2.4 (or
later) of MSCP.  What appears to be an early version (Apr 1982 rev 1.2) is


I've searched for a convertor without much luck,  there is a VMS Pascal
converter at which
converts to LaTex which can then be converted to pdf, but I don't have any
DEC equipment.


Anyone know of a converter or perhaps other already converted manuals at
other revision levels (e.g. rev 1.2   at link above)?


If not, anyone running VMS Pascal  or OpenVMS v6.1 (or later) willing to try
a conversion to LaTex?


DECs Runoff is a markup language that sort of looks like an early HTML, so I
suppose I could try a grep conversion to HTML, or just strip out the markup.


Any other ideas?





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