DEC Runoff to any modern format conversion or DEC MSCP protocol specs

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Thu Jun 4 17:49:01 CDT 2015

From: Tom Gardner
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2015 10:47 AM

> I have multiple DEC Runoff (.rno extension) files for the manual on DEC's
> MSCP protocol.  I'd like to convert them to a modern format.  The manual is
> dated circa 1992 incorporating ecos thru MSCP23-4 and is revision 2.4 (or
> later) of MSCP.  What appears to be an early version (Apr 1982 rev 1.2) is
> at


> I've searched for a convertor without much luck,  there is a VMS Pascal
> converter at which
> converts to LaTex which can then be converted to pdf, but I don't have any
> DEC equipment.

You can open an account on the VAX running VMS 7.3* at Living Computer Museum
and run the converter program there, then run pdflatex on a PC to get the final
output directly.

Just another option.

* The "Open" is silent.

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