PDP8/e front panels.

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Sat Jun 6 05:13:21 CDT 2015

Hi All
           I have recently produced a number of high quality custom 
PDP8/e front panels.
They are full size reproductions of the original. The production methods 
are exactly as used in circa 1971.
They are not photographs. The front has the two colours plus the white 
each done with its own silk screen and the back
has the intense black with the clear circular areas for the lamps to 
shine through. The inks were matched and made to order. The acrylic 
blanks with the cutouts for the keys were also a custom order.

I did the artwork, The four screens were made and the printing done by  
two young ladies with very good graphic arts
skills at 'Squegee & Ink Ltd'  local to me here in Newbury UK. I have 
some photos but they do not do justice to the pin
sharp lines and intense colours.

The panel fits the bezel and the switches on the key + lamps board line up.

I have a few to sell and can do more if needed.
Due to the custom production they will not be low cost ($95.00 + 
shipping from UK)

If you are interested I'll send you a picture. My photo skills are not 
that good.

Rod Smallwood

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