Need Dos bootable 5 1/4" floppy with binary or hex editor

jwsmobile jws at
Sat Jun 6 20:20:10 CDT 2015

I just got a Compaq Portable 3 (286).

I need to edit the contents of what will be the C drive when dos boots, 
though it probably doesn't have a file system on it.

Anyway i'll need to boot up from a floppy because it has a pick r83 
system on the C drive.  Not sure what the system is, so fdisk and some 
simple tools like that would be nice too.

Anyway any help would be appreciated.  I'm searching for someone local 
with 5 1/4" floppies and blanks I can use, but if one has a disk i can 
get from someone I'd be glad to send compensation.

For Pick folks (Mr. F15) I don't know the sysprog password, and need to 
null it out.

I may pull the drive from another system I have that I do know the 
passwords for, but this new system I just got is working, and I'd like 
to log in and see what this system has and back it up.

Pleasantly surprised it has an AST 6pack in the expansion (included) in 
the kit.


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