Need Dos bootable 5 1/4" floppy with binary or hex editor

jwsmobile jws at
Sat Jun 6 20:55:04 CDT 2015

On 6/6/2015 6:23 PM, Cory Smelosky wrote:
> I have no pick experience - I'd be interested in poking at it and seeing if I can find anything at all.
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I'll be able to fix it, once I get the way to get to the disk. frame 
127, base of system dictionary, look for sysprog, and add a couple of 
attribute marks, viola, no password.

I have an image of an r83 to play with and a utility to play with said 
image, but I pulled the drive.  I'm going to try this w/o cracking the 
system for now.


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