DEC Runoff to any modern format conversion - MORE INFO

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I wasn't aware of DSRPLUS, sounds like it could be what is needed.



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Apologies if this is a daft question badly presented: has anybody mentioned, or better still looked at, DSRPLUS for this picture yet? I did have a quick look but may have missed it.

It is, as the name suggests, intended as a bigger better version of DEC/DIGITAL Standard Runoff.

Some variants of DSRPLUS are available through VMS freeware (some, e.g. freeware V6 and V7, appear to be available online and working). DSRPLUS might even already be available on one of the general-access VMS systems, for anyone who can't install it locally.

It gets better too: a web search for "dsrplus documentation" (ie where is the DSRPLUS manual) doesn't quickly find a DSRPLUS manual but does quickly find a Bitsavers copy of the HSC50 User Guide, whose frontmatter says "This document was generated using DSRPLUS." Could be coincidence, but for someone looking for MSCP specs...

Apologies if I'm in the wrong tree. 

Have a lot of fun.

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