VMS EXCHANGE format for VAX console media

Robert Armstrong bob at jfcl.com
Sat Jun 6 14:14:00 CDT 2015

  FWIW, I can confirm that the 730 console tapes are in RT11 format, as are
the 750's.  DEC standardized on that format for console media, even though
there is no actual PDP-11 involved in the 725/730/750.

  And EXCHANGE has the ability to create "virtual" media images on disk.
The CONSCOPY script creates a virtual TU58 image file and then copies all
the files from the real console TU58 to the virtual copy.  Why the copy has
an extra 512 bytes, I don't know.

  I agree with Johnny - dump out the image and look for the RT11 directory. 


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