HP 3082A ("Industrial Touch") Terminal service manual or other info?

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 15:52:21 CDT 2015

Hi all --

The lovely HP 3082A terminal I've been using with my PDP-11/73 has 
started exhibiting odd/annoying behavior today.  The 3082A is also known 
as the "Industrial Touch" terminal, it's a compact unit in a rugged 
housing with an EL display, built in keyboard, and a touchscreen.

At powerup, it normally gives a few short beeps and starts normal 
operation.  As of today, it gives one continuous beep for 31 seconds (I 
timed it), after which it works fine -- until the next time it needs to 
emit a beep (a ^G, for example) and then it beeps for 31 seconds again.  
This is, to be quite honest, intolerable :).

The manuals on hpmuseum.net are limited to configuration/user manuals 
and the brief troubleshooting it recommends actually *does* mention the 
continuous beeping symptom, but gives no suggestions for causes, and 
suggests as a fix to (a) try turning it off and on again (I've done 
that...) and (b) replace the terminal (can't do that). I've also tried 
resetting the terminal config (hold down Help + . at powerup) and this 
has no effect.  The terminal passes all built-in self tests.

Anyone happen to have any experience with these, or know where a service 
manual might be found?  If I at least knew what the 31-second beep 
signified I could start looking...


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