Front Panel Update

Mon Jun 8 16:00:26 CDT 2015

I have seen M  with all toggles...
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On Jun  8, 2015 2:28 PM, "Rod Smallwood"  <rodsmallwood52 at>
> Theres an 8/f  which replaced the 8/e and has a similar front panel with
extra  markings
> The 8/m - OEM no front panel
> The 8/I has different  front panel
> The 8/A is a totally different box  altogether
> The 8/e was the big seller with thousands  shipped

The 8/M came both with or without a front  panel. I've got both, with the
front panel-less version connected (on  occasion) to the front panel version
as an expansion box. 8/F is identical  except for color.

There was a memory expansion box for the 8/L that is  reminiscent of the
front panel-less 8/M, though it has four field switches  on the front and no
key switch (the 8/M just had a key switch and a SW  switch).


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