Front Panel Update

Mon Jun 8 17:05:07 CDT 2015

I will have to  dig out he small computer handbook from  the  Dec  section 
at  smecc library  and  study up  on it  again!  the  brain cells are foggy!
another nice  go with to display with  8s   is the DEC  logic  trainer
We somehow ended up  with a few of these... one   goes   next to a 8 the 
other in  toys robots and trainers  display   and  one for offsite   which  
leaves one extra   for  trade!
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Not so  much "serial bus" as just "serial". Everything is serial in the 
machine,  as far as I understand.
Not sure how much of a bus it got.


On 2015-06-08 22:59, COURYHOUSE at  wrote:
> yea... poor  8 s  was  20 microsecond   cycle   time....
> the  S  stood  for serial  buss  as  I remember  it.
> Ed#  _www.smecc.org_  (
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> Quite  rare the PDP-8 faq says 1024 made. And  given how slow it
> was, I suppose  people didn't hold on to  it.
> /P
> On Mon, Jun 08, 2015 at   12:26:07PM -0700, couryhouse wrote:
>> 8s is  rare??   We have one.  Is there a an registry?     Ed#
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>>> Theres an 8/f which  replaced the 8/e and has a similar  front panel 
>>>  extra markings
>>> The 8/m - OEM no  front  panel
>>> The 8/I has different front panel
>>>  The  8/A is a totally different box  altogether
>>> The 8/e  was the big seller  with thousands shipped
>> The 8/s was a  small  seller with 10's of computers shipped.
>> I got to play with   both.
>> Ben.

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