PDP-8/e front panels.

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Jun 9 08:27:59 CDT 2015

    > From: Rod Smallwood

    > The switches were made by a company in the US called Stackpole
    > ...
    > They are a normal slide type modified with a U bracket to allow the
    > attachment of a lever arm to operate the switch when toggled up and
    > down.

Ah; the 11/05's (which is what I need switches for) use toggle switches (like
I said, pretty much standard micro toggle switches, excepts for the front
plate). I'm pretty sure the later 11's with complete front panels (40's,
45's, etc) used the same kind of switch.

I was assuming all the PDP-x's of that era used the same front panel switch
design, but apparently not. Or perhaps I'm mixing my eras a bit, and the
slightly earlier ones all used the slide switch stuff (I just checked my KA-11
panel, and it uses slide switches). I think the 11/20 might have used the
slide switches (its switch register looks just like the one on the -8M).

Anyway, it seems like we all need both kinds! :-)


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