Rescue update: DEC RC-25s + / was Re: DEC cartridge ID

Robert Armstrong bob at
Mon Jun 8 08:27:43 CDT 2015

> tony duell [mailto:ard at] wrote:
>Is the KLESI printset on-line anywhere? 

  The schematics are online (sounds like they've been found now), but that
only tells you the electrical interface between the controller and the
drive.  That part's pretty simple (which is why it looks attractive to build
a LESI disk emulator gizmo), but it doesn't tell you anything about the
protocol the drive and host use to talk to each other.  Another cctalk
reader has suggested privately that the drives actually speak MSCP directly,
and that's the software interface between the two.  I guess I'm going to
have to read up on MSCP - I don't know enough about it to know if that's
true or even possible.


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