Need DZQ11 (M3106) Print Set

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Jun 10 12:08:24 CDT 2015

So I'm working with a group of 'busted' DZQ11's (the symptom is that Master
Clear - 020 - bit in the CSR stays set, even if I write a 0 to the CSR), and
so I need access to a set of prints for this card; they are MP-01795. They
don't seem to be online anywhere, though.

(They may not be fixable, because a lot of the circuitry is in a large custom
chip, which is of course now unobtainium, but I'm hoping it's something

This is a relatively recent card, so I'm hoping someone out there has a set.
If not, I can probably dope out how it works from the Maintainence Manual
(which _is_ available), but it would be _much_ easier if I have some prints to
look at too...

I would gladly scan them in for general distribution/use, if someone has a set
they can loan me. I do have an A3 professional level scanner on a SCSI, so
it's a snap for me to scan prints. (Or if someone wants to scan them
themselves, that's of course fine too!)

Thanks in advance, and I'm crossing my fingers! :-)


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