Alpha 4100 CPU fan

Richard Loken richardlo at
Wed Jun 10 13:13:24 CDT 2015

On Tue, 9 Jun 2015, Adrian Graham wrote:

> Trying to source a non-DEC fan for a 4100 CPU since getting them in the UK
> is more and more tricky as time goes on. The originals are 12V 0.17A 60mm
> 3-wire and I've found some almost-identical-but-not-quite 0.18A variants.
> Needed to rewire the plugs to match (12V, sense, gnd) but the machine
> reports 'CPU0 Fan Fail' despite the fact the fan is running at speed.

I too found I could not find a sufficiently similar fan to run in a 4100
without being seen as a fan failure so I ended up rebuilding them.  These
are fans have replaceable bearings so I took mine apart, measured the
bearings with calipers, and purchased a dozen replacements from a random
web bearing supplier.  That was three or four years ago, if I hunt very
hard then I might the name of the vendor and the part number but right
now my basement office is in boxes as we clean up renovate after a burst
water pipe.

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