PDP-8/e Panel Differences

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Fri Jun 12 03:51:40 CDT 2015

Hi Guy's
             The current debate has produced a growing  list of 
differences between the front panels of just one model
viz and towit the PDP-8/e

Here's my list so far

     1.  Angle of selector switch positions 1 and 6 can change (change 
of switch detent angle)
     2.  The line around the switch position area can be present or missing
     3.   The lines splitting the lamps into groups  of three may or may 
not be present.
     4.    Diffences in colour from machine to machine (not verified yet)

These could be related  to

     1. Date of  manufacture
     2. Place of manufacture
     3. Serial No
     4. Option fitted ie programmers console change of switch type

It would be nice to be able to  correlate the one list with the other
Suggestions plese gentlemen

The current shipping panel has the line around the switch area and the 
lines in switch positions 1 and 6 are vertical



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