PDP-12 Restoration at the RICM

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Michael, David's  product is outstanding!  He  also  makes   new  foams  
for the inside  also    for the model 33 and 32  -  Ed#  _www.smecc.org_ 
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W  contacted David Tumey about Teletype hammers. He will send us some as  a
donation. We put some heat-shrink tubing on to stop further  damage.

Warren repaired and tested the M706 Teletype receiver. We put  it back in
the PDP-12 and put the borrowed M706 back in the PDP-8/I. The  donor brought
another M706/M707 pair, so we tested them and then installed  them. We have
two working serial ports in the PDP-12. Warren is making an  Arduino based
programmable baud rate generator for this system.

We  ran more diags. The 8/I Instruction Test #1 & #2, and the random  JMP,
JMP-JMS, ISZ tests work OK. The LINC Tape-Quickie test and the  Memory
Address test fail after running OK for a few minutes. We tested all  of the
G221 Memory Selectors, and they are OK, so the memory address  decoding is
probably working OK. This may be a case where the processor is  sometimes
doing the wrong thing when comparing numbers, and the rest of the  hardware
is actually OK. Debugging this will be the project for next  week.

The donor dropped off more documentation, spare parts, LINC  tapes
containing the DIAL operating system, and an RK05 disk pack that  likely
contains OS/8. We will make image copies of the LINC tapes and the  disk

Michael  Thompson

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