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> I know of 17 PDP-8/S systems, including four at the RICM.
> The RICM has an OMD8S data-break and memory expansion chassis for an 8/S.

Not everyone wants their collections to be public information but:

S/N 127, Table Top, running, Sold on eBay 07/2003 for more than $3,000.

Rhode Island Computer Museum
S/N 149, partially running

David Larsen <floydlcfgroup at gmail.com>
S/N 303, Rack Mount, needs restoration.
Has a second one.
I think that one or both of these may have new homes.

Vincent Slyngstad <v.slyngstad at frontier.com>
S/N 381, Table top, needs restoration
PT08 #450.

S/N 566, Table Top, running, used to belong to Kevin Stumpf

Rhode Island Computer Museum
S/N 517, Rack Mount, running, PT08B, PC01, PC02, PC03

Rhode Island Computer Museum
S/N 537, needs restoration
Came with 4k core in an OMD8S. Data Break is in the OMD8S.

Rhode Island Computer Museum
S/N 857, Table top, needs restoration
Mice ate some of the wires on the core memory stack.

Goodwill Computer Museum
S/N 752, Rack Mount, Nicely restored and running on display
Don't know where this one is now.

Ethan Dicks
Needs restoration

Tekniska museet in stockholm
Table top version

Computermuseum der Fakultät Informatik
S/N 862, Table Top, running
Designing a Teletype interface
Previously owned by:
Ulrich N Fierz
Telecommunication Engineering Services
Zurichbergstrasse 203
CH-8044 Zurich

Living Computer Museum
Two, unrestored

Computer History Museum
One, static display

Max Burnet
Hon Sec - Melbourne University Alumni - Sydney branch
Archivist - Hornby Railway Collectors Assoc of Aust Inc
Managing Director - BACK Pty Ltd
Burnet Antique Computer Knowhow Pty Ltd
PO Box 847 Pennant Hills NSW 1715
138 Boundary Road Pennant Hills NSW 2120
Phone 02 9484 6772  Mobile 0412 124 006
Email  mburnet at bigpond.net.au

Table top 8/S           759     on static display in my home office, pic
Table top 8/S           588     in storage
Rack mounted 8/S        ?       in storage, might be restorable because it
still has its power supply and cabinet.

One in Ottawa

Michael Thompson

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