William Donzelli wdonzelli at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 16:46:36 CDT 2015

>     > If somebody were to try to make a "complete" list, it would make sense
>     > to provide variable levels of anonymity
>     > ...
>     > Prob'ly some people would be more willing to discuss what they have IFF
>     > they aren't opening themselves to theft risk, and/or a deluge of "I'd
>     > like to buy".
> Let me second that. Particularly as the value of these things goes up,
> security will be a real issue for people.

Yes, I agree.

So this is an official request from me to anyone that keeps such registries:

If I am on any lists or registries, PDP-8/S or otherwise, please
anonymize me! You can still list a machine, with a model and/or serial
number, but no name or location, please.


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