Need help: Reading 800 bpi NRZI 9 track tapes

Sat Jun 13 00:28:29 CDT 2015

Might  check  with  Al over at CHM  - 
I  have been told he  has every format known to man  covered.
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cclist at writes:

On  06/12/2015 03:23 PM, Mark J. Blair wrote:
>> On Jun 12, 2015,  at 14:54 , Chuck Guzis <cclist at> wrote:
>>  My Qualstar 3418 has gone kaput and I need to find someone to read 
single  (Unix) tape written on a TU16 at 800 BPI.  I can handle 1600, 3200 and  
6250 just fine, but not 800.
>> Would anyone in the US be  willing to help out?  I can ship some money 
your way if that  matters.  The tape has been baked and cleaned, so no sticky 
> Another list member who lives in my area has offered  to loan me his SCSI 
magtape drive so I can try to dump some tapes created on  my VAX-11/730. If 
that all comes together (and assuming it will handle 800  BPI), I'd be 
happy to help. My plan is to hook it up to my Sun Ultra 60  running Solaris 8. 
I'm in southern California.

Much  appreciated, Mark--800 bpi NRZI is uncommon; my Qualstar could 
handle it  only as read-only.

Keep me  posted!


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