Amiga Fans

Sat Jun 13 02:47:16 CDT 2015

We have an Amiga with the Newtek  video goodies inside but alas are  
missing  the keyboard was given to us by one of our cable station   folks here in 
AZ Does anyone have extra keyboards!?
Thanks  Ed Sharpe archivist  for SMECC
In a message dated 6/13/2015 12:24:21 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time,  
scaron at writes:

Aha,  West Michigan! I know WOOD TV 8... I've got an Amiga 500 myself that
came  from Cable Access TV in Kalamazoo. A friend of mine still in town has
a few  more. Whodathunkit ... there's still some neat vintage gear out there
in  the wild up here in MI after all :O Funny. There's a legacy system  for



On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 3:50  PM, Peter Cetinski <pete at> wrote:

> +1 to you Amiga  fans
>  <
>  I love the part about the high school student who originally programmed  
> and still maintains it to this  day!

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