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Sat Jun 13 02:55:59 CDT 2015

Well... we  will accept anonymous entries for the list    that will be  
public  but   the submitter  will  have  to  send  us a nice photo of the unit  
 with   s/n tag etc and their  smiling face  next to it   for the  non 
published  files! <<grin!>>
I think the   only people this month  that have to worry  about theft are 
those with Apple I systems after  this months  news  story on values..
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scaron at umich.edu writes:

I dunno,  guys, that might be a little paranoid ... a lot of this stuff is
big and  heavy ... I just can't imagine a thief coming in and carting away
PDP-11s,  VAX-11s, RP/RL/TU drives, IBM mainframes, whole racks and the like
... I  can hardly move some of this stuff I have as one guy and it is
certainly a  loud, time-consuming, sweaty process ... not to mention, how
would anyone  go about fencing something like that? I don't think the local
pawn shop  will want it ... imagine a giant illicit market for stolen
computers, like  for stolen artwork? LOL. I'm not so sure. If someone wants
to keep their  QTH anonymous that's cool and totally your business but I
suspect most  intruders really couldn't care less about old computers... but
who knows.  Maybe all this stuff will turn out to be the Old Masters of the
digital age  and we'll all be rich! :O



On Fri, Jun 12,  2015 at 9:43 AM, Noel Chiappa  <jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu>

>     >  From: Fred Cisin
>     > If somebody were to  try to make a "complete" list, it would make
> sense
>   > to provide variable levels of anonymity
>   > ...
>     > Prob'ly some people  would be more willing to discuss what they have
>   > they aren't opening themselves to theft risk, and/or a  deluge of "I'd
>     > like to buy".
>  Let me second that. Particularly as the value of these things goes up,
>  security will be a real issue for people.
> As I like to say,  the _good_ thing about the Internet is that it brings 
> world to  your doorstep; and the _bad_ thing about the Internet is that it
>  brings the world to your doorstep...
>       Noel

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