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John - Ref  your  8S below -  Happy to  add  this  to the  list. 
any other  good  background info as to prior users   etc?
yes  if  you can get the S/N  will add that.
I need to  get the S/N of the SMECC one too I will have to   take  3  
helpers over to warehouse to exhume  it.
I will also  get the  S/N on the classic  8 in   blue  cabinet (alas 
missing its  front  desk)  heck I  may just  try to fit that in the   Mini Room at 
the museum   too with the  glassed in  cards  table  top that is  there.
There is also a spare  front panel assembly  for a straight 8  there that I 
remember putting there  20 years ago
may have crack in corner way towards  edge though  and   has  switches 
cables  etc... No  promises   but  it  should be there   ( an no  promises how  
log  it  will be  to get it out!).. Is there anyone out there that needs  
this  assembly?
something totally off topic  from the 8S  machines   there are   some   
trs80 radio shack things that are   huge like the MODEL 2  was  but these were 
later and  had a 3  number designator ?  there are many as I remember  one 
will be  kept  another kept  for offsite displays  but  the  others  will 
sorry to do so many messages in the 8S  topic thread tonight  but  I was 
asleep  for a day with massive migraine and  am trying to catch  up.
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Didn't  see mine on there.  PDP-8/S, serial # unknown (it's in storage),
needs  restoration.  I got it in Michigan about 20 years ago.

John  Wilson
D Bit

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