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That is a beauty! 
You moved all that gear  from UK  to USA?
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tmfdmike at gmail.com writes:

I have  one, restored, was running when stored but not powered up in
some  considerable time.

Serial number unknown; IIRC correctly the tag with  the serial number
was missing so may remain unknown.

Obtained from a  collector called Erik in... Netherlands I think, circa
2004... who got it  from John Bradatanu... IIRC I traded a TU56, a
pdp-8/L, and some other  bits, for the 8/S and a working VT05.. see pic
on this  page:


Pics on that page  are interesting, as it's the only time around 90% of
the DEC portion of the  Corestore collection has all been lined up and
visible in the same place at  the same time!

Oh 8/m has been discussed in front panel talk... here's  a nice pic of
mine:  http://www.corestore.org/pdp8m-1.jpg


On Thu, Jun 11, 2015  at 7:56 AM, Fred Cisin <cisin at xenosoft.com> wrote:
>>> I  know of 17 PDP-8/S systems, including four at the  RICM.
>> Not everyone wants their collections to be  public information but:
> If somebody were to try to  make a "complete" list, it would make sense to
> provide variable levels  of anonymity, such as name but not contact info,
> state but no name,  email but no other contact, etc.  If designed well, 
> could be  managed by a full information form in which it is easy, and
>  acknowledged to be acceptable, to fill in only items that are intended 
to  be
> public.
> Prob'ly some people would be more willing  to discuss what they have IFF 
> aren't opening themselves to theft  risk, and/or a deluge of "I'd like to
> buy".
>  NOTE:  I do not currently have ANY PDP stuff, so I am only speculating  
> what others would like.
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>  Grumpy Ol' Fred                  cisin at xenosoft.com


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