Coating on older DEC slides

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sat Jun 13 10:20:19 CDT 2015

So I have a bunch of older DEC slides (for BA11 boxes, RK05's, etc) which are
rusty. No problem, I have a sand-blaster, but.... what's the grey coating on
them, and how do I reproduce it once I have them clean?

I saw Corey Cohen's really wonderful presentation at VCFE about restoring old
computers, and afterwards I asked him if he knew anything, and he said that
(from my description - alas, I didn't think to show him one in the display
area) it sounded like a powder coat thing, and that people who do brake
calipers can do power coating.

However, when I went to my car guy for pointers to local people who do brake
calipers, he looked at the coating, scraped at it a bit with a knife, and said
it didn't look like powder coat to him. (Although maybe this is a very old
powder coat, and he's only used to the newer stuff.) He reckoned it was just
grey paint {visualize dubious-looking Noel - it sure doesn't look like paint
to me}.

So, what _is_ that grey coating - and, more important, how (if at all) can it
be reproduced these days?


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