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well it is  amazing what  people that  want  meth   will do...
they remind  me of the  creatures mutated in  I AM  LEGEND
but that is  why Will needs   to add a good alarm system on  his  building  
and  get 2  friends... the pitbulls named  byteemintheass  and 
snapoffurballs if they  in case the alarm system  fails.
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On Sat,  13 Jun 2015, John Wilson wrote:
> Re theft:  yeah there's no way a  random house burglar would bother

Are the middle of the night, in the  rain, in the gutter, catalytic 
converter thefts actually worth  it?

Besides theft issues, there can be additional reasons for  anonymity.
consider the possibilities of unwanted contact.

Does  Homeland Insecurity care what you are doing with it?
Zoning  board?
electric rates of domestic V industrial
"Do you have  permits for the rewiring?"
"Can I bring my friends over to see it?"
"Are  your licenses paid up for all of OUR software?"
spammers harvesting the  list?
"Will you make me a copy of the software?  I'll pay for the  media"
"Sell me the handle from the switch.  I'll even pay for the  postage!"
"Buy mine!"
"Buy my uncle's Dell computers, they're just as  old"
"Loan it to us to shoot a movie.  We'll even pay its fair value  for any 
damage in the car crashes and explosions"

If I had one,  I'd brag about  it.

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