TRS80, other than model 1

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Jun 13 14:46:16 CDT 2015

On 06/13/2015 11:53 AM, Peter Cetinski wrote:
> I always wonder what the rational was on the "6000" name.  I
> understand Tandy wanted to move away from the "TRS-80” name, hence
> the "Tandy 6000”, but it was really just a slightly enhanced TRS-80
> Model 16B.

It was my impression that the "Tandy" branded line consisted mostly of 
equipment targeted squarely at the business community, who might have 
been less receptive to the moniker "Radio Shack".  However, there was 
duplication between the "Radio Shack" and "Tandy" products.  Tandy did 
have their own B&M retail outlets.

That being said, my Model 16 bears the "Radio Shack" label.


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