First VAX-11/730 VMS Boot! (was: Re: VAX-11/730 %BOOT-F-Unexpected Machine Check)

Mark J. Blair nf6x at
Sun Jun 14 09:43:58 CDT 2015

> On Jun 14, 2015, at 02:36, Peter Coghlan <cctalk at> wrote:
> Another way is to log on a second time using a terminal other than the console,
> issue reply/enable and then reply to the messages you receive there.

I'll eventually hook up more serial lines, but at the moment the room is cluttered enough that pulling out the rack will be frustrating.

> Yet another way is to use BACKUP /NOASSIST - this should avoid issueing
> OPCOM messages and prompt the issuer of the BACKUP command directly when tapes
> are to be changed and so on.

That sounds like what I want! It's running now.

> The standard way of doing backups on VMS is to submit a BACKUP command in a
> batch job.  The operator would normally be logged in interactively and would
> respond to the OPCOM messages from the batch job and deal with tape mounts.
> This requires a suitable batch queue to be set up and started.

I bet that's how I used to run backups as a student computer operator in the late 1980s. But I probably had no understanding of the DCL script I presumably ran.

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