First VAX-11/730 VMS Boot! (was: Re: VAX-11/730 %BOOT-F-Unexpected Machine Check)

tony duell ard at
Sun Jun 14 12:01:33 CDT 2015

> Ok, next puzzle is figuring out how to route the cable between the DELUA and the bulkhead panel. I 
> removed it  because it kept getting tangled when rolling the CPU chassis in and out. The cable clamps 
> under the cabinet deal with flat cables much better than round ones, so I'll need to improvise.

If the connector on the DELUA board is a normal Berg-type header (and I think it is) then maybe you could
use a piece of (twist-n-flat?) ribbon cable to make an extension that could be routed through the cable
pan arrangement and then connected to the original DELUA cable back in the rack cabinet.


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