SS10 console settings

r.stricklin bear at
Sun Jun 14 02:56:23 CDT 2015

On Jun 14, 2015, at 12:05 AM, Mike Ross wrote:

> I'm trying to resurrect a couple of Sparcstation 10 systems. Is there
> anything 'funny' about the serial console settings on SS10 hardware? I
> thought they always defaulted to 9600-n-8-1, but I get voluminous
> gobbledygook at that, and at every other baud rate I've tried.

The SunOS 4 (and earlier) terminal driver sets the high bit. If you can see the OBP and some of the early kernel messages, then it switches to junk, this is your problem. The simplest thing to do is set your terminal emulator for "strip high bit".

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