SS10 console settings

tony duell ard at
Sun Jun 14 10:41:44 CDT 2015

> I'm trying to resurrect a couple of Sparcstation 10 systems. Is there
> anything 'funny' about the serial console settings on SS10 hardware? I
> thought they always defaulted to 9600-n-8-1, but I get voluminous
> gobbledygook at that, and at every other baud rate I've tried.
> Both systems behave identically, so I can't assume SS10 settings are
> wrong. And I *am* getting data, so I don't see how it can be the
> cabling. Something strange about the terminal emulation mode required
> maybe?

Did they both come from the same place? It is possible (I guess) that 
parameters were changed to meet a local 'standard', and thus both
machines are configured identically, just not the normal way.

>From the FAQ I've looked at, the serial port is a DB25 with the 'A' 
port on on the primary channel and the 'B' port on the back channel.
If so, at least you've not got the classic problem of wiring up an 
RS422 port and using the wrong data pin (and thus getting inverted
data, including the framing bits, which really confuses the receiver).

I don't know if it's implemented here, but the FAQ suggests that pin 24
will carry a baud rate clock. Have you tried a 'scope there? If so, what do
you see, and what frequency?


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