SS10 console settings

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Sun Jun 14 16:22:24 CDT 2015

Sorry, didn't notice I'd replied to an email rather than the list.
>From last night:

OK I'll have to get to the bottom of this at some point, but it seems
it WAS the cable! Tried another one and, at 9600....

$$$$$   WARNING : No Keyboard Detected! $$$$$
MMU Context Table Reg Test
MMU Context Register Test
MMU TLB Bit Pattern Tests
D-Cache RAM Write/Read Test
D-Cache PTAG Write/Read Test
D-Cache STAG Write/Read Test
I-Cache RAM Write/Read Test
I-Cache PTAG Write/Read Test
I-Cache STAG Write/Read Test
EMC/SMC Control Regs  Tests

How in hell a *cable* can result in garbage beats me. I would expect
data, or no data - not garbage data...

On Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 3:41 AM, tony duell <ard at> wrote:
>> I'm trying to resurrect a couple of Sparcstation 10 systems. Is there
>> anything 'funny' about the serial console settings on SS10 hardware? I
>> thought they always defaulted to 9600-n-8-1, but I get voluminous
>> gobbledygook at that, and at every other baud rate I've tried.
>> Both systems behave identically, so I can't assume SS10 settings are
>> wrong. And I *am* getting data, so I don't see how it can be the
>> cabling. Something strange about the terminal emulation mode required
>> maybe?
> Did they both come from the same place? It is possible (I guess) that
> parameters were changed to meet a local 'standard', and thus both
> machines are configured identically, just not the normal way.
> From the FAQ I've looked at, the serial port is a DB25 with the 'A'
> port on on the primary channel and the 'B' port on the back channel.
> If so, at least you've not got the classic problem of wiring up an
> RS422 port and using the wrong data pin (and thus getting inverted
> data, including the framing bits, which really confuses the receiver).
> I don't know if it's implemented here, but the FAQ suggests that pin 24
> will carry a baud rate clock. Have you tried a 'scope there? If so, what do
> you see, and what frequency?
> -tony

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