using new technology on old machines

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon Jun 15 16:19:37 CDT 2015

    > From: Mark J. Blair

    > I could replace an M1 Carbine trigger spring on the spot, or a HMMWV
    > taillamp housing ... Should I criticize you for not having SAE grade 8
    > hardware on hand, or Bristo wrenches

I think Tony's point was that someone who's into vintage computers ought to
have a stock of suitable parts for them.

So unless he's into older guns, or cars, were he not to have things like SAE
8 hardware around, that would be understandable - he doesn't do them.

Having said that, _I_ don't have 2N3904s nor NE555s around either! I do have
a modest number of parts (e.g. 4164's, 40-ping Berg shells, .250 tab
hardware, etc, etc) - a large enough collection that I just had to
re-organize and add more parts holders (although that was mostly because I
went berserk at the local Radio Shack in the 80% off sale). But it takes a
long time to build up a really comprehensive collection of parts.

It's funny, I was thinking of this exact topic last night - wondering if I
could find someone who's selling off a large cabinet full of mixed spares! (I
was thinking of the experience of one list member, who lucked into such.) I
could certainly use it!


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