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> Having said that, _I_ don't have 2N3904s nor NE555s around either! I do have
> a modest number of parts (e.g. 4164's, 40-ping Berg shells, .250 tab
> hardware, etc, etc) - a large enough collection that I just had to
> re-organize and add more parts holders (although that was mostly because I
> went berserk at the local Radio Shack in the 80% off sale). But it takes a
> long time to build up a really comprehensive collection of parts.

I got into the arcade & pinball hobby over a decade ago, would travel to people home’s and fix their machines, and really got into the retro computing thing about 3 years ago. I don’t have a huge collection of parts either, just what I bought to fix something or make something. One nice thing is there is a lot of crossover of technology with both hobbies, so I’m often surprised to find I happen to already have something on hand.

What sucks is ordering things that I actually *did* have because I didn’t know. I’ve slowly started to be a little more organized but things are still scattered all over in different boxes. I decided to standardize on those 24 compartment and 18 compartment storage containers from Harbor Freight since they fit quite well in the wooden crates I’ve been making.

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