Serial UNIBUS Repeater?

tony duell ard at
Mon Jun 15 23:55:29 CDT 2015


> In mine, an RL02 drive is the third unit of the rack containing the CPU cabinet, and the TU80 tape drive is too tall 

As I understand it, there were intitially 2 'packaged' systems. One had the CPU with an RL02 under it for the 
OS disk and an RL02 on top for the user disk. The other had an R80 in place of the bottom RL02. 
If you had the first version, the bottom RL02 slid out to change the pack.

> for that slot (though one of the later front-loaders would probably fit). If you don't need an RL02 drive, then i 

That's what they did. There was a third (later) packaged system with the CPU, an R80 under it and a front
loading (Cipher F880) magtape on top. That is what mine started out as.

> think the hole it would leave behind is just the right size for an expansion chassis. Hmm, if it's the same rack that > originally had the RL02 in it, then there should be no top panel, as the top-mounted RL02 was meant to be 

I am not sure if I got the top panel but if I did it is no longer on the rack...


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