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Tue Jun 16 00:14:18 CDT 2015

> On Jun 15, 2015, at 21:59, tony duell <ard at> wrote:
> Even though there are at least 4 different USB connectors....

Ok, you got me there! When I was working for a GPS startup, I used mini-B on everything I designed with USB (always devices, never hosts, and no need for USB OTG). Then we got bought by a cell phone company and now everything's a godawful mix of mini-B and micro-B, with OTG thrown in there, too. Grrr!

> IMHO USB got round the problem of null-modem cables by making them impossible. Which to me is 
> not an improvement. I guess USB is OK when it works (like plugging in a memory stick) but a right pain
> to debug when it doesn't. And having read the standard there is much I dislike about it.

Maybe this isn't the best time or place for this particular rant, but in my opinion, Windows' implementation of USB is fundamentally broken. It's a mouse, you stupid computer! You shouldn't need to spend a minute or more installing a new device driver for it! And you shouldn't need to install the driver yet again if I poke it in a different hole than I did last time! Every other ******* OS on the planet is smart enough to say "Oh, a mouse! I know how to use those!" within a handful of milliseconds!

(Take deep, cleansing breaths, Mark.)

Ok, I feel better now. :)

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