using new technology on old machines

tony duell ard at
Tue Jun 16 11:28:38 CDT 2015

> > It's also that this is the 'classic computers' list. To me, classic
> > computing means
> > rather more than just the hardware. It also covers the design and
> > construction methods, technology and so on. And there seems to be
> > precious little of that in a modern microcontroller acting as a clock
> > oscillator.
> There isn't., but some-times we have to compromise, and sometimes we choose
> to compromise. I looked at the circuit of the M484 and I might not have the
> parts in the parts box...

I assume you mean M452 here, I can't find a reference to M484.

I suspect many of the parts are not that critical.

> .. its also a nasty hybrid design with DC biased NPN and PNP transistors. I
> find it ugly and can see it being a pig to debug, though it simulates fine
> in LTspice...

I didn't find it that hard to basically understand in my head. After all, there
are only 4 transistors, and 2 of those are just an output buffer. Quite
why having both NPN and PNP transistors makes it harder to understand
I do not know.

I will leave the flames about Spice and simulation packages in general for
another day.


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