Components Data Books

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Tue Jun 16 11:30:47 CDT 2015

When repairing machines it is some times hard to find the data sheet for a
particular component.
Sometimes google hasn't been able to find the the data sheet for me.

My father worked in the electronics business for his entire career and kept
a lot of the data books that he received.

I have compiled a list of them, mostly for my self, so that I somewhat
easier would find what I look for.

I publish it here. If  you have searched everywhere (bitsavers , google
etc) and not got a decent hit and think that one of the data books in my
fathers archive would help I might be able to assist. No - I am not going
to scan entire books. But a few pages is OK. The latency might be high
since the archive is located 100 km away.

I will add more to the list as time passes. There are quite a big bunch of
data books left to do an inventory on.


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