Components Data Books

ben bfranchuk at
Tue Jun 16 15:23:56 CDT 2015

On 6/16/2015 12:01 PM, Sean Caron wrote:
> Mine too! I just love the old paper books versus PDFs ... and I've got a
> pretty decent collection of databooks both that I have picked up second
> hand, as well as a pretty large chunk of those that my dad acquired over
> the course of his engineering career when he was cleaning them out from his
> library ... I don't have quite so many ... probably not more than a hundred
> in total ... mostly focused on digital but I've got a little bit of
> everything; connectors; discrete components; analog; power; telecom; RF ...
> if this sort of thing is useful to people, I'd be happy to pitch in with
> the effort here, to cover requests for datasheets that aren't available
> from the usual sources. I've got a few that might be a bit obscure.
> Best,
> Sean
I love old books too, but I have no more space in my apartment.

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