Documation card readers for sale

Mark J. Blair nf6x at
Wed Jun 17 21:43:15 CDT 2015

> On Jun 17, 2015, at 16:14, John Ball <ball.of.john at> wrote:
> About six months ago I struck a deal with a place down in California for
> four Documation M1000's that I've been able to tell so far they all work but
> I really don't have space for more than one. I've been trying to sell them
> at a loss for months now over on the Vintage Computer Forums and Nekochan
> (if you got here you'll find pictures) but no bites. I swear there were
> people out there that were looking. Where did you folks go? Might anyone
> here be interested? I absolutely refuse to put them on the curb.

Are the readers in question these ones in Canada?

If so, the presumed cost of shipping is the main thing that has kept me from adopting one of them. Well, that and being in debt at the moment from other recent acquisitions. And not having a clear space to set one down. And not having a keypunch, let alone room for a keypunch in my tiny little packed-full house.

But I do think they look quite cool! And if I find solutions to all of those impediments before you find loving homes for all of those readers, I may yet adopt one of them. I was born just late enough to miss using punched cards, so I think that experiencing them would be fun since I've never learned otherwise by needing to use them in anger.

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