Front Panels Personal Update

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Thu Jun 18 00:49:17 CDT 2015

Hi Guys

I'm just about done sending first batch front panels
Needless to say I have had some feed back on reqirements.
As  well  as  the variations of 8/e panels, 8/f 8/i 8/L and 8/m have 
been mentioned.
Of these the 8/f seemed like a good place to start. I have the white 
border and DEC logo in place.
When it came to the address an interesting issue arose.
DEC used their own font,  It can be identified like this
The letter a is formed by a circle with a vertical bar on the right hand 
This font is used for titles and the like in handbooks of this period.

I'm going to have go at building this font as a nornal windows font and 
adding it those available on windows.
If anybody has  aready done this I'd like to hear from them.

I'm on holiday from 25-JUN-2015  to 2-JUL-2015.
We go to the big Ham Radio meeting in Friedrichshafen every year.
I should be able to do email but not much else

Finally I am in need of the following cards for my 8/e

-- M8330 - KK8E Timing board (system clock)
-- M8340 \_ optional KE8E EAE board 1
-- M8341 /  optional KE8E EAE board 2
xx M8310 \_ KK8E CPU control (/I already have this/)
-- M8300 /  KK8E CPU registers
-- M837  - KM8E or MC8E extended Memory & Time Share control

Can I get a basic system up without the 8340/41 and the M837?
If yes then I just need the M8330 AND M8300

_Can you help bring my 8/e back to life?_

Rod Smallwood

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