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On 18 June 2015 at 06:06, Pete Turnbull <pete at dunnington.plus.com
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> I'd have directed you to http://www.vulcantothesky.org/ if Rob hadn't
> already.  Sometimes, though, it flies near places not on the official
list -
> for example, I've seen it fly almost over our house (we live near
> on two different Fridays in the last month or so.  Presumably in transit
> some other show.
Very neat. It's too bad it's never flown to Canada before. Then again, why
would it? I feel kind of miffed that I've not really gotten the chance to
see any really "cool planes" flying. (I'd have loved to see the SR-71 in
flight, or to see an SR-71 up close at all; the latter is still possible
but I don't quite have the money for it...)

> Sadly, on the first occasion it flew circuits for a quarter of an hour,
> I didn't hear it (or realise it was the Vulcan) until my wife said
> like "Oh, that triangular aircraft has been flying around a bit for a
> while." (We often get noise from Elvington and sometimes I tune it out.)
> watched it fly a couple of circuits before I thought to fetch the camera -
> by which time it was almost out of sight.  On the second occasion it was
> cloudy I couldn't get a decent shot.  Sigh.
I've had the fortune of seeing the former RCAF FM213 (now registered as
C-GVRA) flying a few times. I honestly can't really tell if it is the
Lancaster by looking at it (my eyes are shit), but the sound is
sufficiently different from any5thing else there's little doubt. Though I
may have mistook the B-25 or C-47 for it.

Did you get a chance to see both of the flightworthy Lancasters together
last year? I didn't since I'm not in the UK and the time that FM213 was
over in the UK intersected with my university terms.

Christian M. Gauger-Cosgrove
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Christian M. Gauger-Cosgrove
Contact information available upon request.

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