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>>> I'd have directed you to http://www.vulcantothesky.org/ if Rob hadn't
>>> already.  Sometimes, though, it flies near places not on the official
>> list -
>>> for example, I've seen it fly almost over our house (we live near
>> Elvington)
>>> on two different Fridays in the last month or so.  Presumably in transit
>> to
>>> some other show.
>> Very neat. It's too bad it's never flown to Canada before. Then again, why
>> would it? I feel kind of miffed that I've not really gotten the chance to
>> see any really "cool planes" flying. (I'd have loved to see the SR-71 in
>> flight, or to see an SR-71 up close at all; the latter is still possible
>> but I don't quite have the money for it...)
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> As a matter of fact, both the Vulcan and the Blackbird have appeared at the Canadian International Air Show here in Toronto in past years:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_International_Air_Show
> Saw them both; Awesome!

My son is stationed at Beale AFB (where the SR-71s were originally based) and 7963 is on static display there.  I've been up to it (you can actually *touch* it!)  They are wicked cool looking and *big*.   They also have a static display of the drone which could be launched from the back of an SR-71.  After some initial testing (can't remember if they lost an aircraft in the process), they decided it wasn't a particularly good idea.  The clearance between the drone and the vertical stabilizers/rudders is not large.

TTFN - Guy

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