Front Panels - First shipments arrive in US

Bob Rosenbloom bobalan at
Thu Jun 18 11:30:31 CDT 2015

On 6/15/2015 10:21 PM, Rod Smallwood wrote:
> Good Morning  All Panel Fans!!
> According to the shippers the first consignments of PDP-8/e front 
> panels were delivered in the US yesterday,
> Confirmations and comments to me please.
> Rod Smallwood

Got mine in great shape. Looks like it will be a perfect fit. It's quite 
a bit brighter than the old panel. Almost a "glossy" vs "mat" type of 
difference. Looks great though.
Some comparisons to my DEC PDP8/m and a re-branded (Computer Controls) 
8/m panel can be seen here:

The C/C computer's panel is a little faded, not to mention the paint 
flaking off. The DEC 8/m is not faded, but is a mat finish.
The DEC 8/m is actually mounted on an 8/e switch panel (and chassis) as 
it uses incandescent lamps.

The new panel is going on a chassis that has no panel. I still need to 
fabricate a switch board for it. I have played with 3D printing switch
handles with OK results. Just have to find the actual slide switches 
with the handle brackets, or make some.

Looking forward to an 8/f panel, and hopefully some bezels from Rod.


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