Documation card readers for sale

John Ball ball.of.john at
Thu Jun 18 12:10:06 CDT 2015

Oh butts I sent that before I proofread.
I'm in the Pacific Northwest, about three or four hours east of Vancouver
BC. I have access to freight services should you take that route but for
your wallet I'd strongly recommend some sort of local or negotiated pickup.

>>Are the readers in question these ones in Canada?
Yes, that's me and those are the readers.

>>>I'm also working on getting a cable made to hook up to the M843 CR8-E
>>>punched card reader interface for the PDP-8/E, but that's a project for
>>>another day (year?).

That bloody EDAC connector is not cheap. I ended up sourcing one for like
$60. On the other hand you can hunt around for scrap 50 conductor telco
cable and you're all set for cabling. You can usually get it for its weight
in copper from a scrapyard.


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