OT: learner kits (was: Re: using new technology on old machines)

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sat Jun 20 07:53:40 CDT 2015

> 	Is there a reason to prefer 7400 series over CD4000 series logic? 

If you can find real TTL, yes, I would say so.  It's less
static-sensitive and it's more tolerant to things like hooking two
outputs together by mistake.

But note that there are many chips that have more or less TTL
interfaces (TTL voltages, TTLish numbers, and in some cases switching
thresholds) but are actually CMOS - the 74ALS series comes to mind.

Of course, if someone somehow builds CMOS chips with TTL's ESD
tolerance, short-circuit tolerance, etc, then great.  But that's not
what I've seen.

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